Dynamic Wallpapers for macOS Mojave
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121 MB

Real Earth photos by Himawari-8 satellite

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114 MB

NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio

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61 MB

Views of Earth from the ISS

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164 MB

Scenic view of the City with skyscrapers, park and rowing channel

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New Orleans

25 MB

Illustrated cityscape of New Orleans
by Yann Gall

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How to set a Dynamic Wallpaper

Download wallpaper file above
Right click the downloaded file and select:
ServicesSet Desktop Picture

If wallpaper not changing

Go to macOS Mojave System Preferences → Desktop & Screen Saver
Select Desktop Pictures folder
Then Select Mojave Wallpaper
Set it to Dynamic
After that set downloaded wallpaper again and it should work properly

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Moon Dynamic Wallpaper Mojave Earth Dynamic Wallpaper Mojave City Dynamic Wallpaper Mojave Jupiter Dynamic Wallpaper Mojave Space ISS Dynamic Wallpaper Mojave New Orleans Bayou Saint-Jean Dynamic Wallpaper Mojave Tips Dynamic Wallpaper Mojave

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